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Services for Selling

Help You 

We are able to at most times release you from a troublesome mortgage. Sometimes there are circumstances that you just can't work around. JD Property Ventures is here to help take the weight of that burden. As a tired and true Real Estate Investor in Northern CA, we are able to assess your unique situation, and provide assistance every way we can!

Rebuild Credit Quickly

You will be able to make payments quickly, and in some cases even rebuild your credit.

Making your payments current, and keeping them current.

Often times we are also able to assist with with some moving expenses.

Services for Buyers

Quick & Easy 

We have have the ability to get you moved into your new home quickly and efficently. Have an old house you need to sell before you can move into your dream home? As a top tier Real Estate Investor in Northern CA, JD Property Ventures is in the business of buying! 

Flexible Financing

Well find financing options that you can get even with poor credit,
or no credit.  


Sometimes we offer leases with an option to buy after a certain period of time, to give you time to rebuild your credit on your own.

Starting Fresh?

First time buyers are welcome.

You will find an easier time purchasing a home because we are able to get you in without as strict of credit checking procedures.

Rent To Own

For new Buyers we offer a rent to own program. Where you will be able to make payments towards your house while living comfortably. 

Most Importantly.

We Strive To Match Homes With People.

We're Here to Help
JD Property Ventures sole purpose is to make your life easier. Whether you would like to find an affordable place to call home or if you need help being released from a smothering mortgage. 

Welcome to JD Property Ventures LLC 

- Fast, reliable, trustworthy real estate services you can rely on.

If you're looking to buy a home but have bad credit, or are looking to quickly sell your home because you're having a tough time keeping up with mortgage payments, you need fast, dependable help you can count on. If you're in Northern California and are looking for someone you can trust to provide you with the quick and reliable help you need, you couldn't have come to a better place!

JD Property Ventures is a Northern California-based real estate investment and services company that offers a wide range of real estate solutions for clients in need of help fast.

As the trusted Real Estate Investor Northern CA home buyers and home sellers rely on for fast, hassle-free transactions, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to each client's precise real estate services needs. Whether you need funding to purchase a home without the whole process of getting your mortgage approved through regular procedures, would like to get out of your mortgage obligations, or are looking for a quality, affordable home to move into, there really is no need to look anywhere else because the seasoned real estate industry experts here at JD Property Ventures LLC have all your needs perfectly covered!

Here at JD Property Ventures, we believe that everyone deserves trustworthy, reliable real estate services they can count on, regardless of their situation or their needs. JD Property Ventures LLC serves the underserved segment of the real estate industry by helping people who want to get out of their mortgage obligations sell their house fast. We also help home buyers with limited buying power and those with bad credit find a home that's best suited to their needs.

So if you're a home buyer with bad credit in Northern CA, or are looking to sell your house fast, there's only one name to keep in mind - JD Property Ventures!